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Your Partner for Information System Accreditation

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De-Mystifying the Risk Management Framework Accreditation and Authorization Process

The road to an authorized information system can be daunting. With the most basic systems requiring companies to answer over 400 security controls and 1600 test procedures, companies often find themselves drowning in policies, procedures, and artifacts. That's where we come in. The CCS team has years of experience building RMF A&A systems and packages, tailoring all aspects of the information system and security program to match the individual needs and situations of our clients. 

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Client Testimonials

We love hearing from our clients!

I can't speak highly enough of Rob at CCS. We brought him in after multiple rejections from our DCSA rep and he was able to rebuild our entire package, ensuring that we got our ATO after the first submission!

Cyber Compliance Solutions is a professional organization that really knows their stuff. They made it easy to make changes to our system while avoiding roadblocks that may have caused us to need a re-authorization.

The team at Cyber Compliance really helped us out. We are a small company with limited staff. They were able to do everything to get us up and running on our contract, even including building the computers and shipping them to us ready to go!

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